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The Comic Cast: August 2013

August 27, 2013


On this month’s episode of the Comic Cast we’re thrilled to welcome journalist and co-presenter of the Anti Room podcast, Anna Carey to help us review The Big Feminist BUT! anthology edited by Shannon O’Leary and Joan Reilly, Studio Ghibli’s new film From Up on Poppy Hill and WONDER WOMEN! The Untold Story of American Superheroines documentary film. We’ll also be talking to Beano cartoonist Gary Northfield about how he got into the small press scene, we’ll be finding about how illustrator Anna Fitzpatrick reached the goal for her comic book on Kickstarter several times over and we’ll be speaking to writers Maura McHugh and Lynda Rucker about a new comics forum called ‘Laydeez Do Comics’ in Dublin.

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Shalvey / Mooney : TALK

November 28, 2012

This week Declan Shalvey (Thunderbolts, 28 Days Later, Northlanders) and Stephen Mooney (Angel, Half Past Danger) sit down for a frank, honest discussion about the comic book industry. They shed light on everything from how social media benefits comic book artists to the changes they’ve witnessed in the emerging comic book scene in Ireland.

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April 6, 2010

The Comic Cast has been rated ‘C’ for comics. This means this podcast may contain reviews of Brian K. Vaughan/Niko Henrichons’ Pride of Baghdad, J.C. Vaughn/Vincent Spencers’ Zombie Proof , Susumu Katsumatas’ Red Snow, Mark Millar/Steve McNivens’ Nemesis and Paul Hornschemeiers’ All and Sundry.  It is also likely to include a review of the film version of Mark Millars’ Kick-Ass and a discussion on it’s violent content, not to mention which other future comic to film adaptations to keep an eye on. The censor also notes that an interview with 28 Days Later artist Declan Shalvey before he departed for New York is featured. Listeners should be accompanied by a parent or  guardian during the comics news section as it features the latest on the Walking Dead TV series, the return of All-Star Batman and Robin and all the goings on in the Irish comics scene this month. It may also contain scenes of a sexual nature. Maybe.

Download Link: The Comic Cast 06/04/10


The Comic Cast and the Frog

February 9, 2010

When you wish upon a star your dreams come true. So you must have been wishing really hard for us to review Phillip Barrett’s My First Festival, Nick Roche’s Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers, AJ Lieberman & Riley Rossmos’ Cowboy Ninja Viking and Joe Kelly’s & J. M. Ken Nimuras’ I Kill Giants.  We also lock heads over Disney’s The Princess and the Frog as well as news updates on the fantastic Irish animation nominations at the Academy Awards (Cartoon Saloon’s The Secret of Kells and Brownbag Films’ Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty) and we discuss the comic book potential of Apple’s ipad and what to see animation wise at this years Dublin Jameson Film Festival 2010. Magic.

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It’s my swine flu and I’ll cry if I want to

August 25, 2009


Fear prevails over the Comic Cast this week as we broadcast from our emergency bunker studio. Thankfully it’s well supplied with cans of peas and comics enabling us to eat and also to review NOZONE X’s Forecast, Seth’s George Sprott: (1894-1975), John Stanley’s Melvin Monster volume 1, Adrian Tomine’s 32 Stories (special edition box set) and Garth Ennis’ Preacher. Not to mention a duo of new Irish comics in the form of Luke F’s Waiting Room and Redshift – a new comics anthology by teenagers from Cork. We also give you the low down on the DVD release of The Secret of Kells and ask an 8yr old for her opinion on the film. We’ll also be keeping contact with the outside world for the latest on two epidemics sweeping the globe – firstly we talk to genuine recent swine flu victim and creator of web comic Looseville, Alan Maloney on his new print comic venture The Abyss and secondly we talk zombies with Declan Shalvey, the artist on Boom Studios new 28 Days Later comic. So put on your gas mask cause this one’s gonna be apocalyptic!

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Back to the Dark Ages

November 25, 2008


So you’re using your children as collateral on the house and the dog has been sent to “the farm” because keeping a pet ain’t cheap. In these dark recession days it’s good to know that one institution won’t cost you a thing – The Comic Cast Est. 2008. Putting your investment with us this week will secure you reviews of Adrian Tomine’s Summer Blonde, Neil Gaimen’s Marvel 1602, Nick Bertozzi’s The Salon as well as his collaboration with Jason Lutes on Houdini: The Handcuff King, Kevin Smith’s Batman Cacophony, Stephan Pastis‘ comic strip Pearls Before Swine and Mark Millar’s Old Man Logan. We’ll also be giving sound advice when it comes to Irish comic From the Pants of Archie Templar. Our credit advisors (us) will also be on hand in this episode offering you advice on what comics would make good Christmas presents. The Comic Cast is regulated by the Irish Financial . . . oh wait. No one regulates us.

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Show Links:

Archie Templar’s Site

Pearls Before Swine comic strip

Free Irish Comic Day Anthology

Fear[s] of the Dark movie trailer

The Cabinet of Dr. ComicCast

October 28, 2008

Sick of spending your Halloween running from exploding bonfires after some little scumbag throws a petrol soaked tire into it? Us too! So why not spend your Halloween with the Comic Cast! On this weeks frightening show we dicuss Edward Gorey’s Dracula: A Toy Theatre, Ghost World: Special Edition, Joann Sfar’s Vampire Loves and  Johns/Donner/Powell’s Superman: Escape from Bizarro World. Also thrown into the cauldron are home grown work including Luke F Comics issue 1, Knocked up Nikki issue 2,  Redemptions fire! Preview Issue, The Linguistic Goat and Frankenstein – the new graphic novel from Classical Comics with art by Declan Shalvey (Interview in two weeks). And if all that weren’t enough, we also attempt a live phone interview with the distributor of a religious comic Craig found on the street and we play the first entry in our theme tune competition. Expect nothing but terror.

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Ghoulish Show Links:

Edward Gorey’s Dracula: A Toy Theatre

Classical Comics Frankenstein

Chick Publications Halloween Comic

Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown


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