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The Comic Cast: July 2013

July 25, 2013


On this months episode of the Comic Cast we’re delighted to welcome back Irish Times journalist Patrick Freyne to help us review Marble Season by Gilbert Hernandez, The League of Volunteers: Return of the King #1 by Neil Sharpson/Stephen Byrne/Rob Curley,  Jennifer Wilde #3 by Maura McHugh/Stephen Downey/Rob Curley, 1913 Larkin’s Labour War by Gerry Hunt and Building Stories by Chris Ware. We’ll also be talking to children’s books blogger Kim Harte about the best kids story apps, festival programmer of GAZE International LGBT Festival Dublin will be chatting about ‘Wonder Women: The Untold Story Of American Superheroines’ and we’ll be playing a phone message we received from Andrew Judge about the lack of love for 2000AD on the Comic Cast!

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It’s Alive!!!

October 10, 2012

With Halloween fast approaching it’s only fitting that on this weeks Comic Cast we review Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie! And speaking of bringing dead dogs back to life – we also review Dredd. In Irish comics we inspect At War with the Empire by Gerry Hunt, Ghost of Shandon by Alan Corbett and Tales from the Void by Darrin O’Toole and A. Kaviraj. Also up for review on this weeks show is Daredevil: End of Days by Brian Michael Bendis/David W. Mack/Klaus Janson. Not forgetting all the comics news that’s fit to waffle about! Enjoy!

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Drawing Dublin: an interview with Gerry Hunt

November 9, 2009


This week the Comic Cast sat down for a cup of tea with comics writer and artist Gerry Hunt. Gerry’s comics include In Dublin City, Streets of Dublin and the recently released Blood Upon the Rose – a retelling of the events of the 1916 Easter Rising published by The O’Brien Press. Here he talks about how he went from architecture to comics, working with BrenB (a frequent colourist of his comics), the importance of Irish made comics being set in Ireland and his next comic about the viking undead. Enjoy.

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Of course you realise, this means war . . .

October 27, 2009


The Comic Cast loves the smell of napalm in the morning. That and comics. Accordingly we’ve been court-marshalled to review a good deal of war comics this week, wheter they be battles on the field or battles of the heart, including Megan Kelso’s The Squirrel Mother , Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man: Torment!, Jason Aaron & Cameron Stewart’s The Other Side,  Damon Lindelof’s Ultimate Hulk Vs Wolverine, Rick Veitch & Gary Erskine’s ARMY@LOVE and Mark Millar’s Fantastic Four: Worlds Greatest. We also blow the bugle on the homefront with Gerry Hunt’s EASTER 1916: Blood upon The Rose, Howard Chaykin & Stephen Thompsons Die Hard Year 1 and the 24 Hour Comics ’09 Anthology. Not to mention a spoiler-free review of Pixar’s UP. The horror . . . the horror . . .

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BusyBee: An Interview with BrenB

October 13, 2008

This week we meet up with Dublin illustrator and cartoonist BrenB to talk about his work editing the comic anthology Toenail Clippings (1998-2002), his involvement with Gerry Hunts comic Streets of Dublin, his strips for The Dubliner and The Phoenix and his reimagining of the iconic Darth Vader helmet in The Vader Project exhibition. We also discuss his favourite board game at length – a ComicCast exclusive we think you’ll find. Have fun.

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Show links:

BrenB’s Site

Gerry Hunts Streets of Dublin

Toenail Clippings

BrenB’s Vader Helmet

Tiny Little Horse


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