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The Comic Cast: May 2013

May 26, 2013

James Joyce

On this months episode of the Comic Cast we’re joined by actor/writer Mark O’Halloran (Adam & Paul, Garage, Prosperity) to review James Joyce: Portrait of a Dubliner by Alfonso Zapico, Half Past Danger issue 1 by Stephen Mooney, Mindpuss 2 by Ronan Kennedy, Big Jim: Jim Larkin and the 1913 Lockout by Rory McConville and Paddy Lynch and Courageous Mayhem!  edited by Gar Shanley. Also on the show, we visit O’Brien Press to talk to editor Helen Carr about publishing comics in Ireland, we catch up with artist Stephen Byrne to find out how he went from The Fix Factor to the Irish Independent, Declan Shalvey tells us how he’s putting his own stamp on Marvel’s Deadpool in a forthcoming arc and we’ll be getting a tour of the French home of Galway-born illustrator Siobhán Gately.

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Shalvey / Mooney : TALK

November 28, 2012

This week Declan Shalvey (Thunderbolts, 28 Days Later, Northlanders) and Stephen Mooney (Angel, Half Past Danger) sit down for a frank, honest discussion about the comic book industry. They shed light on everything from how social media benefits comic book artists to the changes they’ve witnessed in the emerging comic book scene in Ireland.

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Prometheus: The Comic Cast says ‘Yes’

June 12, 2012

We’re just gonna come right out and say this. We liked Prometheus. Seriously. We did. And on this weeks episode of The Comic Cast we explain why. Not only that, but Thunderbolts / Northlanders artist Declan Shalvey joins us to say why he DIDN’T like it.  In comics, we review a whole host of new Irish comic books including Where’s Larry by Philip Barrett, Destination Homicide by Alan Nolan, League of Volunteers: Black Scorpion by Rob Curley and Stephen Downey, Holy Numbers by Tommie Kelly and Two Lives by John Connor and Una Gallagher. We also give our candid thoughts on Before Watchmen by Darwyn Cooke. It’s a belter of a show! Enjoy!

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The Big Bumper Comic Cast Summer Annual

June 29, 2010

The Comic Cast is back from our summer holidays in Italy! Did you get our postcard? We wished you were there and all that. In between eating pizzas and risking our lives crossing mental Italian roads we still found time to read comics so up for review on this weeks show is Hicksville by Dylan Horrocks, The Losers by Andy Diggle/Jock (we also review the film version), Masterpiece Comics by R. Sikoryak, Jonah Hex: Face Full of Violence by Gray/Palmiotti/Ross/DeZuniga and The Dylan Dog Case Files by Tiziano Slavi. We also give you the low down and dirty on the DVD release of 20th Century Boys – the Japanese film trilogy based on Naoki Urasawa’s acclaimed manga and Studio Ghibli’s Ponyo and give our thoughts on the first episodes in the new series of two of our favourite shows – Futurama and The IT Crowd. And of course we have all the latest comic book news from whose coming to Offset 2010 to the launch of DC’s comic book app. Is there anything else? Hmm. I don’t think so. Oh wait. We talk EXCLUSIVELY to Declan Shalvey in New York about finishing up prematurely as artist on Boom Studios fantastic 28 Days Later comic to work on a comic for a little known comics house. You might have heard of them. They’re called MARVEL. Wink. So brush the sand from your toes cause the Comic Cast is back in town!

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April 6, 2010

The Comic Cast has been rated ‘C’ for comics. This means this podcast may contain reviews of Brian K. Vaughan/Niko Henrichons’ Pride of Baghdad, J.C. Vaughn/Vincent Spencers’ Zombie Proof , Susumu Katsumatas’ Red Snow, Mark Millar/Steve McNivens’ Nemesis and Paul Hornschemeiers’ All and Sundry.  It is also likely to include a review of the film version of Mark Millars’ Kick-Ass and a discussion on it’s violent content, not to mention which other future comic to film adaptations to keep an eye on. The censor also notes that an interview with 28 Days Later artist Declan Shalvey before he departed for New York is featured. Listeners should be accompanied by a parent or  guardian during the comics news section as it features the latest on the Walking Dead TV series, the return of All-Star Batman and Robin and all the goings on in the Irish comics scene this month. It may also contain scenes of a sexual nature. Maybe.

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Comic Cast Live Panel: Getting started in small press & web comics

October 20, 2009


So you want to get started in making your own small press comic books and webcomics? In our first live panel show, we get the skinny from comic writer/artists Philip Barrett (Matter, Lint, Blackshapes, Gazebo), Hilary Lawlor (Superhilbo) and Paddy Brown (The Cattle Raid of Cooley) on everything from page layout, lettering, scanning and editing as well as getting your comics into the hands of punters and promoting them. With audience contributions from fellow Irish comics creators Declan Shalvey, Tommie Kelly, Gar Shanley & Maeve Clancy. The Comic Cast was recorded in front of a live studio audience as part of the Irish 24 Hour Comics Day.

Download Show: The Comic Cast 20/10/09


It’s my swine flu and I’ll cry if I want to

August 25, 2009


Fear prevails over the Comic Cast this week as we broadcast from our emergency bunker studio. Thankfully it’s well supplied with cans of peas and comics enabling us to eat and also to review NOZONE X’s Forecast, Seth’s George Sprott: (1894-1975), John Stanley’s Melvin Monster volume 1, Adrian Tomine’s 32 Stories (special edition box set) and Garth Ennis’ Preacher. Not to mention a duo of new Irish comics in the form of Luke F’s Waiting Room and Redshift – a new comics anthology by teenagers from Cork. We also give you the low down on the DVD release of The Secret of Kells and ask an 8yr old for her opinion on the film. We’ll also be keeping contact with the outside world for the latest on two epidemics sweeping the globe – firstly we talk to genuine recent swine flu victim and creator of web comic Looseville, Alan Maloney on his new print comic venture The Abyss and secondly we talk zombies with Declan Shalvey, the artist on Boom Studios new 28 Days Later comic. So put on your gas mask cause this one’s gonna be apocalyptic!

 Download Show: The Comic Cast 25/08/09


Wrong: An interview with the Eclectic Micks

March 16, 2009


This week the Comic Cast is delighted (and slighty aroused) to be talking to not one, but SIX of Ireland’s top comic artists. Seated at the table are Stephen Mooney (Angel; After the Fall), Stephen Thompson (Star Trek; New Frontier, Presidential Material: John McCain), Nick Roche (Transformers, Doctor Who), Will Sliney (Farscape), Bob Byrne (Mr. Amperduke, 2000AD) and Declan Shalvey (Frankenstein, Hero Killers). We’re obliged to tell you that several comments are made during the podcast which you may find offensive or, if you’re anything like us, will enduce you to weep salty tears of excruciating laughter. This one’s a real gem. Enjoy!

Download Link: The Comic Cast 17/03/09

Show Links:

Eclectic Micks Sketch Blog

PJ Holden – The Mick Who Wasn’t There

The Ghost of Christmas Cast

December 23, 2008


As Slade once said, “It’s Chrisssstmaassssss!” and here at the Comic Cast we’ve pulled out the big guns for our seminal-festive show if by ‘seminal-festive show’ you mean ‘pretty much the exact same show as usual’. Under the Christmas tree this week are Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern: Secret Origin, Thomas Ott’s The Number 73304-23-4153-6-96-8, Grant Morrisons’ Batman RIP, Joe Matts’ Spent, Kevin Huizenga’s Curses and Comic Book Tattoo: Tales Inspired by Tori Amos. Not to mention reviews of a whole sleigh-full of Irish comics including Andy Winters and Declan Shalvey’s Tim Skinner Total Scumbag, Philip Barrett’s MATTER no. 7 Weirdface, Katie Blackwood’s The Elephant & The Top Hat, Patrick Lynch’s In the Aquarium, Stephen Coffey and Ger Hankey’s Celtic Knights issue 1, the Free Irish Comic Day Anthology and Stephen Coffey and Barry McGowan’s Rosemary Herbb: the return. Stir that all up with some thoughts on this years Dublin Comic Con and a letter sent to us from an 8yr old girl and you’ll get this years Comic Cast Christmas Pudding. Lovely.

Download link: The Comic Cast-Christmas Special

Show Links:

Philip Barrett’s online comic shop

Cardboard Press (publisher of comics by Katie Blackwood & Patrick Lynch)

Blog of Andy Winters (writer of Tim Skinner)

Slade – Merry Christmas Everybody!

BEAST: An interview with Declan Shalvey

November 12, 2008


This week on the Comic Cast Declan Shalvey – Irish comic book artist and all round good guy – takes the hot seat. We talk about his work as artist on the the Eagle award winning comic Hero Killers, written by Andy Winter, the mammoth undertaking of illustrating a graphic novel based on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein for Classical Comics (reviewed in our Halloween show) and his latest collaboration with Andy Winters for the forthcoming hilarious one-shot Tim Skinner: Total Scumbag that will debut at the Dublin City Comic Con as well as working on Freakshow and next years Sweeney Todd. “I’d like to do something of worth while selling out” We love this guy. Enjoy.

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Show links:

Declan Shalvey’s Art Blog

Hero Killers Official Site

Classical Comics Frankenstein

Andy Winters Blog

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