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It’s Alive!!!

October 10, 2012

With Halloween fast approaching it’s only fitting that on this weeks Comic Cast we review Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie! And speaking of bringing dead dogs back to life – we also review Dredd. In Irish comics we inspect At War with the Empire by Gerry Hunt, Ghost of Shandon by Alan Corbett and Tales from the Void by Darrin O’Toole and A. Kaviraj. Also up for review on this weeks show is Daredevil: End of Days by Brian Michael Bendis/David W. Mack/Klaus Janson. Not forgetting all the comics news that’s fit to waffle about! Enjoy!

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Who watches the Watchmen? Comic Cast, duh!

March 1, 2009


You know what it’s like. You’re running late for the pub and you’ve still that bloody podcast to record. So you compromise. You drink while recording. Welcome to this weeks whiskey steeped Comic Cast where we review Daredevil: Brian Michael Bendis & Alex Maleev Omnibus, Sempé’s Nothing is Simple, Alan Moore’s Swamp thing, Tommie Kelly’s Road Crew issue 1 and Road Crew Noir. We also review the new Irish animated filmThe Secret of Kells (in cinemas March 6th) and the DVD release of Fear[s] of the Dark  – a film written and directed by several acclaimed comic book creators and graphic artists, not to mention a big fat exclusive(ish) review of “the unfilmable” Watchmen which turned out to be filmable as we seen it on a big screen made for films.  So settle down, drink up and join us in a place where everybody knows your name – the Comic Cast!

Download Link: The Comic Cast 03/03/09

*NOTE: We cameo in this months edition of the Dystopia comic strip in Totally Dublin in shops now! Our esteemed and humbled thanks to Andrew and Chris Judge. If you’re not from Dublin, you’re Totally Galway for example, click here for the strip online.*

Show Links:

Us at The Secret of Kells premiere

Legend Mick Lally being interviewed at the premiere (3.30) Reporter: “You played Brother Aidan” Lally: “If you say so.”

Sempé’s Nothing is Simple on Amazon

Sempé’s work on the New Yorker’s ComicBank

Road Crew web comic

Fear[s] of the Dark film trailer

Dublin Comic Jam Blog

Best piece of movie merchandise ever?


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