The Comic Cast: April 2013


On this month’s episode of The Comic Cast we’re joined by Irish Times journalist Patrick Freyne to help us review Celtic Warrior The Legend of Cú Chulainn by Will Sliney, Dockwood by Jon McNaught, Adventures of a Japanese Business Man by Jose Domingo and Blackstar #1 by Mike Lynch/Dwayne Moloney/Trystan Mitchell. Also on the show: Children’s literature enthusiast Kim Harte joins us to review the latest picture books for kids, Stephen Mooney talks about his inspiration for his upcoming creator owned comic Half Past Danger, Co-founder of Nobrow Sam Arthur gives us a tour of the British comics publishing house in London, we crash the launch of The Extraordinaires Design Studio to chat with Rory O’Connor, Anita Murphy, Brenb and Chris Judge about the new product design game and on the line from Spain we have Irish comic books legend Bob Byrne to get the latest on the new Amperduke prequel.

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Comics Reviewed

Celtic Warrior The Legend of Cú Chulainn by Will Sliney

Dockwood by Jon McNaught

Adventures of a Japanese Business Man by Jose Domingo

Blackstar #1 by Mike Lynch/Dwayne Moloney/Trystan Mitchell.


Patrick Freyne

Kim Harte

Stephen Mooney (Half Past Danger)

Sam Arthur (Nobrow)

Rory O’Connor / Anita Murphy of The Creativity Hub (The Extraordinaires Design Studio)

Chris Judge


Bob Byrne

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5 Comments on “The Comic Cast: April 2013”

  1. John Robbins Says:

    Great, balanced revamp show, with substantial content and a measured restraint. The new, structured format, the third (and fourth) contributing voice, the considered reviews, the focused interviews, all invested with a good-natured sense of fun, wit and personality – it’s a fitting expression of the Irish creative scene and its interests. Looking forward to the next one.

  2. Ciaran Flanagan Says:

    Great to see you back gents

  3. […] stakes.  Usually it features a host of commentators from the graphic world and general chit chat. Aprils edition just hit the […]

  4. Andrew Judge Says:

    What a comeback! Love the new format. Great production quality and great content. Really liked the guest reviewers; the three-way opinions brought out some interesting counter-reactions and added some frisson to the proceedings. The “This American Life”-esque packages were really well done.
    And it was great to hear Bob Byrne expressing his well balanced opinions again; his carefully considered views on the Irish comic scene are sorely missed.

  5. Sid Clark Says:

    good show to eat spaghetti by.

    love the new top-of-the-home-page banner depictions, much more accurate than the previous.

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