The Comic Cast: Back from Summer Break

We’re back from our summer holliers! Regular scheduling begins now! So lets get right to it – on this weeks episode we review Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Ultimate Collection by Kevin B. Eastman and Peter Laird and Hark! A Vagrant by Kate Beaton. We wax lyrical on what would happen if Michael Bay made a Turtles movie and we have bucket loads of news. Crank up the volume – we’re back!

Download Link: The Comic Cast 02/10/12

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2 Comments on “The Comic Cast: Back from Summer Break”

  1. Wahey! Great to have you boys back. I’ve really missed the show, and enjoyed this one as much as I always do. That said, I have a request… PLEASE continue your tradition of staging a massive Christmas/End of Year blowout show, as I’ve come to love listening to them while drawing over the christmas holliers. They’re always up there with my favourite podcast eps of the year, in Adam + Joe territory. Yet another request: LET ME BE IN IT. That hack Shalvey is always getting his oar in, I want a piece of that action. I wanna do a bit about Half Past Danger and christmas itself. Whaddya think? I can rope some of them other Micks in if needs be I guess…

    I like christmas. And episodes.

  2. Andrew Says:

    Great to hear you back on the air lads. Enjoyed the news update show.

    Once piece of news that you neglected to mention was the hugely entertaining open debate over the last month between Dave Sim (Cerebus, Glamourpuss) and Kim Thompson of Fantagraphics (his former nemesis) on The Comics Journal. Its worth getting up to speed on this if you have a week or two to spare:

    In summary, fire destroys a load of original Cerebus negatives in August while they were being scanned for digital release. Sim dramatically threatens to quit comics and get rid of his 30 year archive of art via 1-800-GOT-JUNK. Kim Thompson steps up with an offer to reprint the commercial parts of Cerebus. Dave Sim, the standard-bearer of self-publishing, insists that negotiations take place in public and makes increasingly bizarre demands. An amazing open contract negotiation then takes place in the comments section below the above article. Insanity ensues.

    Then, out of the blue, Sim announces a deal, arranged in secret, with IDW to republish a retrospective. Everyone says a collective “WTF!?!”

    Brilliant, entertaining stuff.

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