Murder Can Be Fatal: an interview with Alan Nolan

This week we invite comics writer, graphic designer, artist and co-creator of the horror series Sancho Alan Nolan back on the show to talk about his new series of  comics with the O’Brien Press. Here he talks about creating The Big Break Detectives Casebook, a graphic novel for younger readers, and the Murder Can Be Fatal mysteries, what it’s like working with an editor and his favourite gems of spin-off merch!

Download Link: The Comic Cast 26/09/11

also available through itunes

Show Links

Alan Nolan (official site)

O’Brien Press

The Big Break Detectives

Murder Can Be Fatal

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One Comment on “Murder Can Be Fatal: an interview with Alan Nolan”

  1. Andrew Judge Says:

    I loved the sound of The Big Break Detectives so I went and immediately ordered a copy for an 8 year old who I know is going to love it too. Of course I’ll get to read it too.
    Good work lads.

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