Comic Cast: 52

The wait is over. DC have begun releasing their new 52. Is this the most exciting thing to happen in comics or has it been the ultimate let-down? Find out as we review EVERY SINGLE ONE of the 14 of the 52 released so far. From Animal Man #1 to Swamp Thing #1, we rate them all. As if that wasn’t enough we talk to illustrator Chris Judge about his first ever Fund it project – Alphabeast, and we also review Atomic Diner’s Roisin Dubh #1 & Jennifer Wilde #1, Death by Chocolate by Alan Nolan, Forming by Jesse Moynihan and Sally Go Round the Stars by Steve McCarthy. All that and so much more that we’re not even going to bother to write it all down here!

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BONUS: Click below to read our print interview with Declan Shalvey on doing art for Northlanders.

The planets had not alinged for us to be able to interview Declan Shalvey in time for this podcast so here’s an exclusive online chat we had with the man himself. (We’ll be talking to him on the next talkie podcast.)

Comic Cast: Declan! We’re very excited that you’re to do a three issue arc on Brian Wood’s Northlanders. Are you excited as us?

Declan Shalvey: I’m not sure; let’s compare nipple-hardness! I am very excited about it, truth be told. I’m delighted I get to work on one of my favourite books with one of my favourite writers, one of my favourite colourists and one of my favourite cover artists. I’ve always wanted to do something for Vertigo too. So yes, quite excited.
CC: Were you a fan of the series?

DS: Yes, very much so. I’d heard OF it for a long time, but a good few months ago I read the first trade and got completely hooked. The writing is absolutely brilliant, and there’s been so many fantastic artists on the series; it was a huge honour just to be asked. Being one of the last artists to work on the book before it wrapped up is even more of an honour.

CC: Have you started working on it yet?

DS: Actually, I’ve JUST finished the first issue. Back on Thunderbolts for Marvel until I wrap up the current issue, then I’ll get started on the second Northlanders issue.
CC: Northlanders is all about vikings. You’ve previously drawn zombies in 28 Days Later. Can we expect viking zombies anytime soon?

DS: No. Though I might get so tired that vikings end up in Thunderbolts.


CC: We know you’re a very busy man, how in Gods name are you able to work on so much?

DS: I….. DON’T….. KNOW! Well, I share art duties on Thunderbolts with Kev Walker, so I had a *little* bit of room in my schedule outside of T-Bolts. If it was more than a 3-issue arc, I don’t think I could have managed it. It’s still a hell of a lot of work but it was such a fantastic opportunity, I just had to accept, then find a way to make it work. You might have noticed I haven’t been posting elaborate sketches online in the past few weeks. Now you know why.


CC: As a Comic Cast exclusive, we would like to know what colour underwear you’re wearing?

DS: Today it’s black. Not boxers, not Y-fronts; something inbetween.


Show Links

DC: The New 52

Chris Judge’s Fund it page

Death by Chocolate by Alan Nolan

Roisin Dubh

Jennifer Wilde

Forming by Jesse Moynihan

Sally Go Round the Stars by Steve McCarthy

Arrietty trailer

Tove Jansson at the Tate

Blank Slate graphic novel for charity

*Declan Shalvey txt interview coming shortly*

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3 Comments on “Comic Cast: 52”

  1. Sarah Webb Says:

    I listened to this podcast and while I agree with the critics that Steve McCarthy’s illustrations make Sally Go Round the Stars, they have overlooked two important factors – the input of the designer, Emma Byrne who was responsible for the layout of the pages and the overall look of the book, and the research it took to find and select the correct rhymes that make the book what it is – a carefully put together collection, with stunning illustrations.
    Claire and I spent several years reading song books, old poetry collections, nursery rhyme collections, hymnals, monastic glosses; and found old gems like Skinny Malink (mentioned in the podcast), Ochanee and Mary Mac, Mac, Mac. We also have hundreds of rhymes that didn’t make the cut. We worked hard on this project and are very pleased with the final result.
    I agree, Steve’s name should have had equal billing on the spine, but this was the publisher’s (practical) decision. Books are shelved by author’s details, not illustrator’s, which is why illustrators are often not on the spine.
    You will note in the dedications that we thank our editor, Ide, the designer, Emma Byrne and of course, Steve for ‘bringing the book to life with his amazing illustrations.’
    I know this is only the start of a wonderful career for Steve and it was a real pleasure working with him.
    I hope many children discover this book – especially as all the proceeds are going to the National Children’s Hospital!
    Thank you for including it in your podcast.
    Kind regards,
    Sarah Webb

  2. Sarah Webb Says:

    Forgot to say, great podcast – lots of energy – I’ll def listen in again!

  3. thecomiccast Says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for commenting. We always welcome feedback.

    Regarding the first factor, the book is wonderfully designed but to be fair, we weren’t to know by whose hands. Emma Byrne’s work as designer isn’t credited as such. The only mention of her is in the ‘Thanks to’ piece alongside Íde ní Laoghaire and we’re not told why in that piece who they are or what they did.

    Our review was 100% positive about Sally Go Round the Stars, it’s a wonderful book and we recommend everyone go out and pick up a copy.

    Seasoned listeners of the Comic Cast will know that our style of show is often irreverent.

    I’m glad you enjoyed it and thanks again for getting in touch.


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