God Save the Comic Cast

Ireland is on lock down with the arrival of the Queen and President Obama, right? Wrong. This weeks podcast has been deemed so explosive that the army have been checking every manhole (snigger) in Dublin to find it. On this weeks dangerous (and highly illegal) show we review Mr. Wonderful by Daniel Clowes, The Muppet Show Comic Book: Muppet Mash by Roger Langridge, The Littlest Pirate King by David B./Pierre Mac Orlan, Mighty Thor by Matt Fraction/Oliver Colpel, Fear Itself by Matt Fraction/Stuart Immonen, Ultimate Thor by Jonathin Hickman/Carlos Pacheco. We also mull over the Thor movie and discuss the latest on Irish events –  Offset and Squarebound. One is not amused, but perhaps you might be.

Download Link: The Comic Cast 17/05/11

also available through iTunes

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One Comment on “God Save the Comic Cast”

  1. Stephen Mooney Says:

    Great show again lads, keep ’em coming.

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