colours: an interview with mr steve mccarthy

This week the Comic Cast ventured to Monster Truck Studios to have  a lovely chat with one of our favourite illustrators, mr steve mccarthy. In it steve discusses how he moved from animation to illustration, doing graffiti as a corporate job, drawing ‘live’ at music gigs and life as an illustrator in Dublin amongst many other things. Enjoy.

Download Link: The Comic Cast 02/11/10

also available through iTunes

Show Links:

mr steve mccarthy’s blog

Monster Truck Gallery & Studios


Bruce Block Masterclasses at Ballyfermott College

Independents Day

Mary & Max at the IFI (we’ll be reviewing this on the next show but it’s only being screened in the IFI until Thurs 4th Nov so go see it or grab the American DVD here)

Comic Cast Tees (what everyone wants for Christmas!)

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2 Comments on “colours: an interview with mr steve mccarthy”

  1. BRENB Says:

    I Love Tin Tin too! I have been buying old copies of them for years now. The new movie looks SHIT!!!

  2. thecomiccast Says:

    Unsure of the new movie stills but I’ll wait for the teaser trailer with anticipation.

    And less of the ‘Tin Tin’. It was always Tintin and never, ever ‘Tin Tin’ despite the fact everyone insists spelling it like that. Pet peeve #5.

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