Trick or Treat or Comic Book Podcast?

About this time of year Linus likes to sit in a pumpkin patch waiting for the arrival of The Great Pumpkin. Well we can’t all spend October sitting around in pumpkin patches, can we? So we’ve decided to stay snug in doors and review comics. And those comics are Jen Wang’s Koko Be Good, Andi Watson’s Breafast After Noon, Tim Beedle/Armand Villavert Jr.’s Muppet Robin Hood, Roger Langridge/Amy Mebberson’s Muppet Family Reunion and new Irish comic Curse of Cromwell: The Seige by Dermot Poyntz and Lee Grace. Instead of having fireworks thrown at us we also talk about the new Iron Man anime,  Genndy Tartakovsky’s latest animated series Sym-Bionic Titan and all the latest casting in all the latest superhero movies. Did I mention we have all the freshest news from the Irish comics scene? Are you sure? I think I mentioned it. Happy listening!

Download Link: The Comic Cast 19/10/10

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Show Links

Comics Reviewed

Koko Be Good

Muppets Robin hood

Breakfast after Noon

Curse of Cromwell: The Seige


Iron Man Anime (and all it needs now is a soundtrack by Daft Punk)

Sym-Bionic Titan (they don’t make em’ like this anymore. oh wait.)

Irish News

Independents Day Fair blog (Sunday 7th Nov – be there!)

Dr. Sketchys Dublin (30th October)

Punt (the new mag WE edit comics for and only €2!)

Dublin Comic Con Facebook page


X-Men Arcade re-release (old skool)

Walking Dead (TV show trailer – oh yes!)

Rhys Ifans in Spiderman Reboot (catch Rhys in this fantastic film biopic of Peter Cook & Dudley Moore)

Annotated Sandman

Romeo and Juliet : The War (Stan the man is back!)

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3 Comments on “Trick or Treat or Comic Book Podcast?”

  1. stephenmooney Says:

    Another great show lads! Can we get a proper debate on the merits/annoyances of 3D?

  2. thecomiccast Says:

    You most certainly can! Next talkie show – it’s on!

  3. Thanks for the shout-out guys, & apologies that I’m hearing it belatedly!

    Hope anyone who made it along enjoyed the afternoon & hopefully see you there on November 27th.

    Scarlett x

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