Olá! An interview with Pablo Mayer

This week we are delighted to talk to Pablo Mayer – a Brazilian comic book artist living in Dublin to learn english.  Pablo’s hilarious comic strip ‘Brabos Comics’ is published daily in A Notícia newspaper, he has illustrated the graphic novel ‘The House Next Door” with Diogo Cesar and he’s one of the developers of the Brazilian version of MAD magazine. Most recently he was one of 50 artists chosen to give his own take on the characters of Mauricio de Sousa (arguably Brazils most famous cartoonist) in a new anthology. His work has also be published by Top Shelf Online.  As mentioned, he’s here to learn english so this show is quite short but we’ve also included a text version of the interview which you can read by clicking here.  Enjoy.

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An Interview with Pablo Mayer

What comic books did you read when you were a child?

Until I was 12 or 13 years old, I’d only read Spider-Man comics. After that I started reading Eisner, Frank Miller, Alan Moore and my head exploded! (he, he, he)

Were you always drawing since you were a child?

Yes! But I never thought about being a cartoonist until I was 18 years old.

Who are your comic book / illustration influences?

I have a lot of influences: Laertes, Angeli, Samuel Casal, Enrique Fernandez, Gabriel Hernandez, Mignola, John Romita Jr. Mike Mignola,  Skottie Young, Dice Tsutsumi, Denis Zilber, Erwin Madrid and the list goes on…
What is the comic book scene like in Brazil?

The 80’s was our peak. There was a bunch of magazines publishing stuff nationwide. Names like Angeli, Laerte and Luiz Gê became well-known and now they are the main artists referenced when the subject is Brazilian comics. During the last few years the scene has been getting better. Brazil has excellent artists. Publishers are getting into the comics scene. Furthermore, some Brazilians are having great success in the U.S. like the twins Fabio Moon and Gabriel Bá, Rafael Albuquerque Rafael Grampá …
How would you describe your drawing style?

I would say it’s more cartoon than anything else. I like to watch animated cartoons on TV and read comic strips in newspapers but I don’t know how to define it. I’ve always used a lot of contrast in my drawing, but lately I’ve really enjoyed coloring the entire stuff.
Tell me about your comic strip series Brabos Comics?

It is published daily in the newspaper A Notícia in Brazil. I do some strips of the characters “The Franco Show” and “The Age Idle” and I do some one shot comic strips. Actually, I do what I want… he he he.
Brabos Comics has a lot of references to popular culture like Batman, E.T. etc Are you a big movie fan?

I am. When I’m not making comics or breathing, I’m watching movies,

TV series and all. I use all this as a reference when creating a joke.

You’re part of the Brazilian version of MAD magazine – how did you get involved with that?

I met the editor Raphael Fernandes in a comic convention. He liked my work and asked me to send him a comic strip for publication. This happened and every month I do something new for the magazine.

You illustrated the graphic novel “The House Next Door”. What is it about? Did you enjoy working on a longer comic?

It’s about conspiracy, zepelins and an ancient love. I really love working on long projects.
What are you currently working on now?

I’m working on a series called Walkers, written by Ricardo Giassetti. At the same time, I’m working on my first comic written and illustrated by me, where the story happens in Dublin. It’s a long comic too and still at its early stages.
Do you like Dublin? You have a comic on sale in Dublin comic book shops – tell me about this.

I’m loving Dublin! I did a fanzine and it’s in all the comics shops in the city. It has 24 pages and includes a comic that will come out soon on the website of Top Shelf. Buy, folks!

Show Links

Pablo Mayer (official site)

Pablo’s Blog

Punt Magazine (One of Pablos comic strips features in the October issue of Punt of which we are the comics editor of! Hooray!)

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