Moon. Us. Over. We’ve been nominated on the long-list for Best Independent Podcaster at the 2010 Irish Web Awards and we are flippin’ delighted.  We also made it onto the short list for last years awards and we have to say it’s nice to be noticed after producing a podcast every two weeks for over two years now.

An Irish podcast about comic books, animation and illustration is, as you’ll have gathered, a pretty niche area but the e-mails from listeners all over the country (and indeed abroad!) thanking us for introducing them to the  Irish comics scene and making it a little more accessible is what we’re all about and aim to continue to do so.

After two years on the go we feel it’s time to shake things up a little so we’ll be re-launching the site with a bang on Sept 21st.

In the meantime you may or may not enjoy this music video of Schmackey and the Salads (Craigs band!) co-directed by our own Liam:

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4 Comments on “BREAKING NEWS”

  1. A Super-sized well done Craig and Liam…..xxxx

  2. Andrew Says:

    Ha Ha! Well done. Love the video too.

  3. eoin Says:

    fuck yeah! haha – nice one lads!

  4. Sid Clark Says:

    The Irish constitute the sinister gang group the Ducky Boys in the movie, “The Wanderers”. This video reminds me of that. Took me years to figure it out, though, since it’s not spelled out in the film. Good film, though, except the casting of that obese opera singer as the leader of the skinheads. Pity about the star, Ken Wahl, getting that horrible spinal injury that sidelined him for life.


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