The Big Bumper Comic Cast Summer Annual

The Comic Cast is back from our summer holidays in Italy! Did you get our postcard? We wished you were there and all that. In between eating pizzas and risking our lives crossing mental Italian roads we still found time to read comics so up for review on this weeks show is Hicksville by Dylan Horrocks, The Losers by Andy Diggle/Jock (we also review the film version), Masterpiece Comics by R. Sikoryak, Jonah Hex: Face Full of Violence by Gray/Palmiotti/Ross/DeZuniga and The Dylan Dog Case Files by Tiziano Slavi. We also give you the low down and dirty on the DVD release of 20th Century Boys – the Japanese film trilogy based on Naoki Urasawa’s acclaimed manga and Studio Ghibli’s Ponyo and give our thoughts on the first episodes in the new series of two of our favourite shows – Futurama and The IT Crowd. And of course we have all the latest comic book news from whose coming to Offset 2010 to the launch of DC’s comic book app. Is there anything else? Hmm. I don’t think so. Oh wait. We talk EXCLUSIVELY to Declan Shalvey in New York about finishing up prematurely as artist on Boom Studios fantastic 28 Days Later comic to work on a comic for a little known comics house. You might have heard of them. They’re called MARVEL. Wink. So brush the sand from your toes cause the Comic Cast is back in town!

Download Link: The Comic Cast 28/06/10

also available on itunes


Comics Reviewed

Hicksville by Dylan Horrocks

The Losers by Andy Diggle/Jock

Masterpiece Comics by R. Sikoryak

Jonah Hex: Face Full of Violence by Gray/Palmiotti/Ross/DeZuniga

The Dylan Dog Case Files by Tiziano Slavi


20th Century Boys

20th Century Boys Trailer


Ponyo Trailer

TV review


The IT Crowd


Declan Shalvey’s Blog

28 Days Later


DC digital comics app.

Little Big Planet – Marvel

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Irish News

Offset 2010

Turbo Monthly Exhibition

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9 Comments on “The Big Bumper Comic Cast Summer Annual”

  1. Brenb Says:

    So just 2 minutes into the new show and I’m delighted to hear you finally got around to reading Hicksville which I have been pimping to you since my interview way back and indeed everytime I’ve met you. Imagine my shock and disappointment when it’s revealed that the reason you read it is because maeve recommended it just 2 weeks ago! Thanks for not listening guys!

  2. thecomiccast Says:

    Apologies Bren! You most certainly did recommend it to us umteen times. A mere faux pas on our part but anyway, we’ve read it now and it’s a doozie!

  3. BRENB Says:

    apology accepted guys! ;)
    thanks for the shout out for OFFSET2010. and to answer your question regarding non students with student cards…once the card is valid then you are ok, although we will have a photo of craig in the box office recommending refusal of entry!

  4. thecomiccast Says:

    Several Dublin bars have that too.

  5. maeveclancy Says:

    great episode lads… I especially like getting credited with the Hicksville recommendation! You lot reviewing it means that I can probably stop hassling everyone I know to read it. One of the best comic books ever. Here, when is your 2nd birthday- July sometime?

  6. thecomiccast Says:

    Thanks Maeve! Our 2nd Birthday celebrations will take place at the end of July. No party as such this year but we will be attending Summer Edition this year with drinks afterwards (not to mention some special birthday festivities taking place right here on the site . . .)

  7. lukefcomics Says:

    I wuv Dylan Horrocks.His site has looooooads of goodies on it:

    Actually,there are loads of great comics from New Zealand.Have yiz read Knuckles the Nun?Roger Langridge did most of the art and it’s a good intro to NZ comics…

  8. thecomiccast Says:

    Haven’t seen Knuckles the Nun, Luke, but will look it up poste haste! Currently eating up Roger Langridge’s brilliant Muppet Show comics.

    We’ll have to investigate the New Zealand comic scene on the show soon, especially after finding out how great the Italian scene was.

  9. Sid Clark Says:

    Great show! Love the high-energy! Love the lingo! I’m quarter Irish myself and it does me proud.

    I’m quite an old duffer and have been a fan, off and on, of comics since the early ’70s. I don’t buy many comics any more but I still like to listen to younger people discussing them for some reason.

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