Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Back in February the makers of one of our favourite shows – The IT Crowd – put out a call for any bits n’ bobs to help dress the set of the I.T. department inhabited by Moss, Roy and Jen for it’s 4th series.  The Comic Cast suggested Irish comics and when we got the nod of approval, we invited any Irish comic creators to send us their comic books. Our postman was livid. Well now Series 4 is about to hit small screens on Friday 25th June on Channel 4 so be sure to look out for comics by Philip Barrett,  John Robbins,  Luke Fallon, Hilary Lawlor, Tommie Kelly,  Declan Shalvey,  Paddy Lynch, Katie Blackwood,  Ronan Kennedy, Nick Roche, Deirdre De Barra, Gar Shanley, Cathal Duggan and Andy Brown throughout the series. And if you can’t wait that long, have a peep at the IT Basement 360°Panorama (we can spot Hilary Lawlor’s Superhilbo on Roy’s desk and Gazebo by Phil Barrett and Liam on Mosses desk!) Not only that but in the second episode (the Countdown episode from above) you’ll catch a glimpse of our very own Liam knocking about as a nerd in the background. And remember, memory is ram!

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2 Comments on “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

  1. thecomiccast Says:

    UPDATE: Declan Shalvey has spotted ‘Your Round; Tequila’ – a drinking anthology comic with stories by himself, Bob Byrne, Mike McLean and James Hodgkins over by the microwave to the left of Mosses desk!

    And when we took a look at that, we spotted another of Phil Barrett’s – My First Festival – comics right beside it!

    Can anyone spot anymore?

  2. thecomiccast Says:

    ANOTHER UPDATE: When you look at the 360 panoramic, swing it round to the couch and look at the coffee table in front of it. We think you’ll find that’s Ronan Kennedy’s Mindpuss vol 1 on the table to the left and Tommie Kelly’s Roadcrew: Electric Ladyland on the middle of the table beside the mug!

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