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Much like Cheers, the Comic Cast is a place where everybody knows your name so pull up a stool at the bar and join the conversation as we review the long awaited Daniel Clowes comic – Wilson, Chew by John Layman/Rob Guillory, Black Blizzard by Yoshihiro Tatsumi and The Sword by the Luna Brothers. In Irish comics we give our verdict on Last Bus #2 by Paddy Lynch, RíRá #2 edited by Aidan Courtney and The Wren #2 by Jason Connors/Mark Kirwan. We tell it how it is re: Marvels latest big screen movie – Iron Man 2 and we also give our tuppence worth about Matt Ogens documentary film Confessions of a Superhero, not to mention a round up of all the Irish comics events happening this summer including a run-down on who’ll be appearing at the 2D Festival in Derry next month.  If all that wasn’t enough to keep you sweet, we bring you the latest on the Thor and Batman movies as well as the new Marvel iphone app, and we offer our thoughts on the ongoing attempts to have Tintin in the Congo banned in Belgium.

Download Link: The Comic Cast 04/05/10

*INCLUDES IRON MAN 2 SPOILERS, or as we like to call it – a proper review

Also available through itunes


Comics Reviewed

Wilson by Daniel Clowes

Chew by John Layman/Rob Guillory

Black Blizzard by Yoshihiro Tatsumi

The Sword by the Luna Brothers

Last Bus #2 by Paddy Lynch

RíRá #2

The Wren #2 by Jason Connors/Mark Kirwan (no link available but on sale in Forbidden Planet, Dublin)

Iron Man Extremis motion comic trailer

Film/DVD Reviewed

Iron Man 2 trailer

Confessions of a Superhero trailer

Irish News

Summer Edition

The Point Village Market (Facebook event page for the comic book day)

2D Festival

Cinemagic Dublin Festival

Rumbles from the Crypt (Facebook group for this new retro comics themed club night)

News in general

Marvel iphone app

Thor (first photo from the forthcoming Thor movie)

Batman (Batman 3 set for a 2012 release)

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10 Comments on “Comic Cast Capers”

  1. Will Sliney Says:

    Good stuff lads. Listened as far as the Iron man review cz I havent seen it yet

  2. thecomiccast Says:

    Cheers Will!

    For anyone else who hasn’t seen Iron Man 2 yet, our spoilerific review starts at 35.26 and ends at 47.45.

  3. stephen mooney Says:

    You spend TWELVE MINUTES spoiling Irin Man 2?

  4. thecomiccast Says:

    12mins and 19seconds to be precise. Is “Irin Man” some kind of new Irish superhero?

    Just a note that even though we generally don’t include a lot of spoilers in reviews, we feel sometimes the need to discuss comics/movies in full because otherwise reviews can begin to sound like just a summary of the film followed by a “I liked/didn’t like it”.

  5. BRENB Says:

    More spoilers please! Another classic guys!

  6. Gearoid Says:

    Damn it! I was enjoying that until you started spoiling it… now I know there are some kind of evil robots.

    I’ll watch the movie this week and listen to the rest of the podcast after.

  7. stephen mooney Says:

    ‘Irin Min’- an oirish hero for the ages.
    Anthony MacStarkaidh righting colloquial wrongs dressed entirely in a suit fashioned from smelly corrugated iron sheets.

    The entire storyline one be the ‘Demon in a Bottle’ one, obviously.

  8. Jason Connor Says:

    Cheers for review of the Wren #2. Issue three due this week as we bring it out every two months.
    once again cheers guys, nice one

  9. Andrew Says:

    Another great show lads.
    Good to hear about the IMRO injunction. I tune in for your authoritative musings on comics and not for your inane, teenage, so-called “taste” in music.
    Well done IMRO: CRUSH MUSIC!

  10. thecomiccast Says:

    Thanks Andrew. Next month is what we’re calling “Girls Aloud month”.

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