The Comic Cast has been rated ‘C’ for comics. This means this podcast may contain reviews of Brian K. Vaughan/Niko Henrichons’ Pride of Baghdad, J.C. Vaughn/Vincent Spencers’ Zombie Proof , Susumu Katsumatas’ Red Snow, Mark Millar/Steve McNivens’ Nemesis and Paul Hornschemeiers’ All and Sundry.  It is also likely to include a review of the film version of Mark Millars’ Kick-Ass and a discussion on it’s violent content, not to mention which other future comic to film adaptations to keep an eye on. The censor also notes that an interview with 28 Days Later artist Declan Shalvey before he departed for New York is featured. Listeners should be accompanied by a parent or  guardian during the comics news section as it features the latest on the Walking Dead TV series, the return of All-Star Batman and Robin and all the goings on in the Irish comics scene this month. It may also contain scenes of a sexual nature. Maybe.

Download Link: The Comic Cast 06/04/10


Comics Reviewed

Pride of Baghdad

Zombie Proof

Red Snow


All and Sundry: Uncollected Work 2004-2009 (We <3 Hornschemeier)


Declan Shalvey (blog)

Film / Film News

Kick-Ass trailer

Iron Man 2 trailer

Tintin Movie (we’re hoping Spielberg will be doing something like this)

Irish Comics News

Last Bus #2 (The cover for Paddy Lynchs’ second issue of ‘Last Bus’ looks great)

RíRá #2 (Get your mitts on the second of this neato Irish language comic series)

Road Crew (check out the latest issues of Tommie Kellys’ roadie comic)

Daniel Clowes & Chris Ware in the UK (read the full scoop by those lovely chaps over at

The Point Village Market (Irish comics table a go-go! Don’t miss this market!)

Bunny Malone (new Irish web comic by Niall McCann)

Muddled (another new Irish webcomic by Matthew Dunne & Simon Fay which rather tickled us)

Comics News

All Star Batman & Robin to return (YES!)

Chris Evans = Captain America (7 Things You Don’t Know (Or Want to Know) About Chris Evans)


Clark and Michael (Three Comic Cast thumbs up for this online show starring Michael Cera and Clark Duke who you may have seen in the Kick-Ass film recently)

Dr. Who is back (and Liam missed it)

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4 Comments on “COMIC CAST / RATED C”

  1. Andrew Says:

    By coincidence, whenever I listen to the Comic Cast I visualise you both as Clark and Michael.

  2. thecomiccast Says:

    We’re hoping they’ll play us in a Comic Cast biopic some day.

  3. Luke F Says:

    Great show,lads.Now that Will and Dec are gone,can we jive talk `em?

    More like “28 GAYS Later”,am I right,men?

    Oh,and the Muddled link isn`t working.

  4. thecomiccast Says:

    Cheers Luke, Muddled link should work now.

    We can jive talk em’ all right but they’ll be back in 3 months to beat us up.

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