Farscape: An interview with Will Sliney

This week the Comic Cast pulls up a chair for a chinwag with Cork comics artist Will Sliney. Will  is the artist on Boom! studios comic book series of Farscape . He’s also drawn for FutureQuake, Rob Curley’s 1950s superhero comic Atomic Rocket Group 66 and the webcomic The Symptoms with Dave Hendrick  for Zuda. Here he talks about all of the aforementioned comics, how he got his break into the industry, his work on Classical Comics’ adaptation of Shakespeare’s Richard III that may never see the light of day and his own superhero comic The Age of Heroes. Enjoy!

Download Link: The Comic Cast 23/03/10

Show Links:

Will Slineys Blog

Will Slineys Twitter

Farscape (get your mitts on the ongoing Farscape comic book series as drawn by Mr. Sliney)

Eclectic Micks (All of Wonderous Will Wednesdays!)

The Symptoms (Will and Dave Hendricks’ webcomic for Zuda)

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5 Comments on “Farscape: An interview with Will Sliney”

  1. Will Sliney Says:

    Nice one las. Enjoyed it

    • Paddy Says:

      My iTunes downloaded that original Eclectic Micks debacle instead. Might need to look into that one.

      • Andrew Says:

        Same here. I was halfway through that so-called “interview” with the Micks before I got a horrible sense of deja vu. I needed a shower afterwards.

  2. thecomiccast Says:

    “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

    iTunes hurts my head but I think it might have been something to do with the Eclectic Micks podcast being in the ‘Show Links’ for this podcast. I’ve removed it so hopefully that will have fixed it on iTunes. For anyone downloading directly just click on the ‘Download Link’ and Bobs your uncle.

  3. thecomiccast Says:

    Hey Andrew, did you download it via itunes a couple of days ago by chance? Downloading via itunes and definitely by downloading directly off this site now should get you the Will Sliney episode without hiccup.

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