Sloth: An interview with Brian Coldrick

This week your friendly neighbourhood Comic Cast talks to Dublin based artist and illustrator Brian Coldrick. His first solo exhibition ‘Shrunken Head’, ran during February 2009 in the Monstertruck Gallery. His ‘Eye on Dublin’ feature appeared regularly in Totally Dublin and he’s worked on everything from editoral pieces to posters, from cd packaging to character design. Here he discusses his experience in art school, how to survive working as an illustrator, board games and of course that sloth. Enjoy.

Download Link: The Comic Cast 02/03/10

Show Links

Brian Coldrick Dot Com

Brian’s Blog

The Tender Trio

Illustrators Guild of Ireland


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3 Comments on “Sloth: An interview with Brian Coldrick”

  1. […] (but never exhausting) trek through the world of Irish comics and illustration.  Go download the podcast here. For more on the Irish comics and illustration ’scene’ you can do worse than listening […]

  2. Andrew Says:

    Good interview, lads. I love Brian’s work.
    With regard to the recording you did in Ballyfermot, I like your style. No point in putting up an interview you got with an Oscar winner and two other nominees. They’re getting too much publicity as it is. Wait till all the fuss dies down, and then slip it out quietly. I mean, really, we don’t want too many people finding out about the Comic Cast, now do we?

  3. thecomiccast Says:

    Spit my tea out laughing when I read that, Andrew.

    The panel we mentioned took place in Ballyfermot College two weeks ago, where four graduates of the college and now Oscar nominees(Richie Baneham of Weta Digital – now Oscar winner, Tomm Moore of Cartoon
    Saloon, Darragh O’Connell & Nicky Phelan of Brown Bag Films) visited the college to discuss their work on a panel hosted by another BCFE graduate and IFTA nominee Andrew Kavanagh.

    Gareth Lee of the Animation School organised the event which was nothing to do with us, but BCFE are very kindly going to let us offer the audio of the panel as a download.

    We really can’t do anything until we receive the audio file and also it was recorded on analogue so it had to be transfered to digital for us.

    So long story short, we’re still waiting for the MP3! Hopefully we’ll have it soon for everyone’s listening pleasure.


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