It’s my swine flu and I’ll cry if I want to


Fear prevails over the Comic Cast this week as we broadcast from our emergency bunker studio. Thankfully it’s well supplied with cans of peas and comics enabling us to eat and also to review NOZONE X’s Forecast, Seth’s George Sprott: (1894-1975), John Stanley’s Melvin Monster volume 1, Adrian Tomine’s 32 Stories (special edition box set) and Garth Ennis’ Preacher. Not to mention a duo of new Irish comics in the form of Luke F’s Waiting Room and Redshift – a new comics anthology by teenagers from Cork. We also give you the low down on the DVD release of The Secret of Kells and ask an 8yr old for her opinion on the film. We’ll also be keeping contact with the outside world for the latest on two epidemics sweeping the globe – firstly we talk to genuine recent swine flu victim and creator of web comic Looseville, Alan Maloney on his new print comic venture The Abyss and secondly we talk zombies with Declan Shalvey, the artist on Boom Studios new 28 Days Later comic. So put on your gas mask cause this one’s gonna be apocalyptic!

 Download Show: The Comic Cast 25/08/09

Show Links:

Nozone X’s Forecast (official site)

Seth’s George Sprott (on amazon)

John Stanley’s Melvin Monster (on amazon)

Adrian Tomine’s 32 Stories (official Adrian Tomine site)

Garth Ennis’ Preacher (on amazon)

Irish comics:

Luke F’s Waiting Room (blog of Mr. F)

Redshift (read the comic online now)

The Secret of Kells (official site for the film)

Blog of Kells (fascinating insight into the film continues)


The Abyss (Alan Maloney’s blog)

Whale V Squid (surprisingly exciting countdown page)

Declan Shalvey’s blog (exactly what it says on the tin)

28 Days Later preview (over on Newsarama)


The Walking Dead TV series (early footage)

Spider-Women: The motion comic trailer

Chris Judge Box Set (buybuybuybuybuybuybuybuy)

Offset 2009 (early bird tickets still available!)

Jeffrey Lewis comics on iphone

Space Avanlanche (one our fav Irish, or in fact international web comics for that matter)


Swine Flu information (wash your hands you fucking idiot)

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5 Comments on “It’s my swine flu and I’ll cry if I want to”

  1. Gary Moloney Says:

    Hey lads thanks again for the review glad ye enjoyed it and ill keep ye updated on anything new we do

  2. Nia Duggan Says:

    Aah! I am so psyched to hear what you guy say about Redshift. I loved working on it :)

    Nia Black

  3. Luke Says:

    Cheers,lads.My head is swelled to size of a melon now!
    But it`s not out in FP yet.I still have to actually give them a copy to see if they`ll stock it!But it`s definitely out in Sub City and the shop on Crow St.

    Great show,by the way.It`s great value for the money I didn`t pay.

  4. […] Comic Cast have the skinny on The Secret of Kells DVD release (as well as a chat about zombies and Declan […]

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