What ever happened to the Comic Cast?


So the Comic Cast is one year older but are we any wiser? Probably not, but with continued access to a microphone in a remote location in Kildare this week we review Nicholas Gurewitch’s The Perry Bible Fellowship Almanack, Neil Gaiman’s Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? Alan Moore’s Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? Mark Schultz’s Superman and Batman vs. Aliens and Predator, Peter Milligan’s Sub-Mariner: The Depths and Greg Pak’s Magneto: Testament. Not to mention a quartet of new Irish comics including Ronan Kennedy’s What is it? David Withers’ Chaingun Chimp #1, Daragh McLoughney’s Anarchy: Seek and Destroy and Alan Nolan’s Dubcity Comics: At Hells Gate. So what ever did happen to the Comic Cast? Nothing, you silly billy. We’re right here!

Download Link: The Comic Cast 26/07/09

Show Links:

The Perry Bible Fellowship (funnyfunnyfunny)

What ever happened to the Man of Tomorrow? (he was killed yesterday, no?)

Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? (he got his cape caught in a blender)

Superman/Batman Vs. Alien & Predator (Ohhhhh yes.)

X-Men: Magneto Testament (the new MAUS)

Sub-Mariner: The Depths (oh what depths he’ll sink to! Sorry.)



Irish Comics Links:

Mindpuss (surreal genius from Ronan Kennedy)

Chaingun Chimp (monkey business from David Withers)

Anarchy (Dargh McLoughney’s site)

Dubcity Comics (Alan Nolan’s –  no not that Alan Nolan – blog)

News Links:

Edward Gorey sketches (recession is the perfect time to spend €600 . . .)

Kick Ass: The Movie (McLovin IS in it!)

Comic Cast: The Movie (in cinemas Spring 2010)

Family Guy (A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away . . .)

Historic Moment (when Stephen Mooney met Gav from Super Extra Bonus Party. Mooney drew their awesome second album cover.)

The Mystery Comics Figure Who Died

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4 Comments on “What ever happened to the Comic Cast?”

  1. Luke Says:

    I believe yer ma was talking about John Ryan of Captain Pugwash fame who died last week.


  2. thecomiccast Says:

    Very good work, Luke. We have him linked up in our “news links”.

  3. Luke Says:

    I got the “Littlest Arsonist” today.Funny stuff,great art and great production values.

    s`good shit.

  4. thecomiccast Says:

    Cheers Luke!

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