Thank you!

craig liam

A big thank you to everyone who came down to  the Birthday Bash last night. You rock.

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10 Comments on “Thank you!”

  1. Andrew Judge Says:

    Good luck tonight lads! Hope its a great success despite the shite DJ. Sorry I won’t be able to make it myself.

  2. tommiekelly Says:

    Great night Lads, I’m delighted it was such a success!

  3. Mindpuss Says:

    Thanks for the great night gentlemen. Fun was had by all!! I’ll be expecting good reviews from now on, or else…ha ha ha.

  4. Nic Says:

    Great night- was astounded so many seemed surprised by how well it was organised…

    I had complete faith, of course.

    You need to get the film up somewhere and have it linked so it can actually be seen with sound.

  5. thecomiccast Says:

    Cheers Andrew! We even projected up the Dystopia strip that we were in on the walls at one point!

    Many fanks for coming Tommie!

    Ronan, it is so, so unfair to produce a video camera when were on the double whiskey and cokes. So, so unfair! ;)

    A thousand thanks, Nic! I’m surprised that people were surprised at how well it was organised. The Comic Cast Movie Trailer should be hitting the Interweb tomorrow.

    – Liam

  6. stephenmooney Says:

    Good work indeed fellows. The attending Micks had many a larf.

  7. Gar Says:

    Couldn’t make it. Tore a muscle on the back of my leg running. No more running for me. Fed up I missed it. Do it again next year eh.

  8. Ztoical Says:

    There was no cake! I feel cheated! :p

  9. thecomiccast Says:

    That’s true Cliodhna, there was no cake but there was 179 projected sketches, 19 projected animated pieces, 3 bands and 1 comedian so . . .

    Gar, forget about next year – if we can find an excuse to this next week, we will!

    Cheers Moondog. I’m sure you’ll agree we all had an ‘awesome’ time.

    – Liam

  10. Ztoical Says:

    ah but many promises of cake were made which proved to be lies, LIES I TELL YOU!

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