Windell Speaks: An interview with Gar Shanley & Cathal Duggan


This week the Comic Cast sits down to have a chinwag with Gar Shanley & Cathal Duggan otherwise known as the creators of the rather hilarious satirical comic – Windell: Superhero Showcase. We discuss Shandley’s earlier comics – All Rise and Fugger, Duggan’s  recent return to drawing, their work together on The Living Proton for the GOAL comics anthology, their background in film and of course, the future of Windell comics!

Download Link: The Comic Cast 07/07/09

Show Links:

Windell Comics  (a brand new site overhall is promised soon!)

Salvo’s Salvo (Cathal Duggan’s sketch blog)

FUGGER (right click to download a PDF of Fugger)

FUGGER blog (“the shitest blog in the world”)

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9 Comments on “Windell Speaks: An interview with Gar Shanley & Cathal Duggan”

  1. Gar Says:

    Hey, I didn’t realise that Liam guy was wired! Thanks for listening to us and not asking for payment in return. The name is Shanley by the way not Shan(d)ley, that’s like calling Bruce Lee Bruced Lee. Also, how come I sound like the lead singer from Aslan? Hanx gents!

  2. thecomiccast Says:

    How can I protect you in this craaaazy world, Gar? By getting your name right I suppose. Comic Cast lays all blame on the Irish Comics Wiki where Mr. Shanley was listed as ‘Mr. Shandley’. Who would have thought a site that can be changed by anybody would throw up an in-accuracy? Albeit, one that has now be corrected on this post therfore making this comment and Gar’s above comment redundant and nonsensical.

    – Liam

  3. Gar Says:

    Thanks, I will amend wiki also. This Shandley chap is done for.

  4. Luke Says:

    I can`t wait to hear this one later.

    also,too bad I didn`t get a chance to see yiz at the
    Summer Edition yoke.

  5. stephenmooney Says:

    Great show, I love these ones with actual coherent interviews. Havn’t read the lads’ book yet but by golly do I intend to. Heard many great things about it.

  6. thecomiccast Says:

    Any interview that I do on my own seems to be coherent. Any interview involving the Eclectic Micks and Craig doesn’t.

    – Liam

  7. stephenmooney Says:

    That’s a goddamn half-truth!
    The Craig half obviously.

  8. BRENB Says:

    really good interview, having picked up the book yet lads. will next time im in liams. soon i hope, ill bring it to the birthday bash to get ‘signed’

  9. […] Gar Shanley and Cathal Duggan talk about their small-press superhero satire on a recent episode of The Comic Cast […]

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