Comic Cast: Equinox


It may be summer but the Comic Cast don’t take no holidays. We’ve spent all week reading comics and drinking sangria in the park in in order to review Fred Van Lente and Dennis Calero’s X-Men Noir, Brian Michael Bendis’ Halo: Uprising, Grant Morrison’s Final Crisis, Matt Forsythe’s ojingogo. Not to mention a veritabal feast of new Irish comics including Peter Loftus and Deirdre De Barra’s Downpour, Hilary Lawlors’ Superhilbo! #1, The Longstone Comics Anthology #2 and John Robbins’ The Monkey-Head Complaint / Inside Outsiders. We also lock heads over Terminator Salvation as well as discussing the latest comics news including BOOM! Studios new comic Die Hard: Year one with art by our very own Stephen Thompson, the triumphant return of Spiderman: Clone Saga and Spidey’s arrival on the boards of Broadway no less! So put on your shades – this one is going to be bright.

Download Link: The Comic Cast 23/06/09

Show Links:

Fred Van Lente’s Blog (the scribe behind X-Men Noir)

Halo: Uprising (fan animated vid of the first few pages)

Final Crisis Collection (on Amazon)

Matt Forsythes’ Blog (all the latest from the creator of the cute & brilliant ‘ojingogo’)

Irish Comics Links:

Official Site of Longstone comics

Peter Loftus Blog (rants from the writer of Downpour)

Hilary Lawlor’s Blog (snippets from the creator of Superhilbo!)

John Robbins Geocities site (oh Geocities, we miss you)

Other Links:

Spiderman Vs. Peter Parker (bring it!)

Christian Bale’s Rant Remixed! (arguably the best thing to come from Terminator Salvation)

Stephen Thompson’s Blog (one of fav Irish artists takes on Die Hard!)

Looseville (Alan Maloney annouces news comic for profit shocker!)

Edition (do not miss this. Easily one of the most significant Irish comics events this year)

Spiderman on Broadway (it’s called ‘Turn off the dark’. Seriously.)

Wolverine on Broadway ( “Wolverine doesn’t do highkicks.” We love Hugh Jackman.)

RíRá (site for the awesome Irish language comic)

Comic Cast Birthday Bash Facebook Event (tick ‘attending’)

Comic Cast Birthday Bash Full Details (for those not on Facebook.)

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3 Comments on “Comic Cast: Equinox”

  1. Y’know Craig; there’s a big difference between a ‘review’ and ‘describing-the-plot-and-end-of-the-story’!

    Transformers was diabolical by the way. Never saw Salvation bu it sounds like i didn’t miss much.

  2. […] a cornucopia of reviews in the latest installment of the Comic Cast […]

  3. Luke Says:

    Wow,ComicCast on the Comics Journal site?(above)

    Fackin ell

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