Guff: An interview with Jeffrey Lewis


The last time the Comic Cast did acid we went insane . . . and interviewed anti-folk singer/songwriter and comic book artist Jeffrey Lewis! Lewis has several great albums under his belt  including City & Eastern Songs with his brother Jack, 12 Crass Songs – a collection of songs by the anarchist punk band Crass, reworked by Jeffrey, not to mention his brand new album EM ARE I.  His comic book series Fuff is currently on it’s seventh issue. We met up with Jeffrey before his gig in Dublin to talk about his comics, his thesis on Watchmen and doing live music videos on stage. Enjoy!

(Since this interview is a bit shorter than usual, we also review X-Men Origins: Wolverine and dish out some bang-up-to-date Irish comics news)

Download Link: The Comic Cast 12/05/09

Show Links:

Jeffrey Lewis official site (rather nifty hand drawn website)

To Be Objectified music video (see Jeffrey sing AND draw comics.)

Lewis singing Creeping Brain live (one of our fav Lewis tracks)

Jeffrey Lewis & the News (Guardian video podcast where Lewis sings  the news!)

Jeffrey saying hi to Liam from New York

Extra Show Links:

Super Extra Bonus Party shop (Get your mitts on SEBP’s great new album complete with beast cover by Stephen Mooney, not to mention t-shirts drawn by the hand of Moondog for only 10 squids!)

Farscape: Strange Detractors #1 (between Will Slineys’ brilliant art for this comic, Declan Shalveys’ forthcoming art for 28 Days Later and the new Muppet Show comic series – Boom Studios are becoming a publisher to keep an eye on)

Stan Lee & Hugh Jackman at Comic-Con (oh, Stan Lee you crazy bastard)

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12 Comments on “Guff: An interview with Jeffrey Lewis”

  1. paddy Says:

    Nice Jeffery Lewis interview dudes. Did you see him support Stephen Malkmus, last year?

  2. thecomiccast Says:

    Thanks Paddy. I sure did! Although didn’t hang around for Malkmus. Think I was in the middle of exams or some such nonsense.


    • paddy Says:

      Aww man, Malkmus was amazing. You missed out. Pooh to exams in the face of former Pavement rock greatness, I always say. I’d never heard of Jeffery Lewis before that night, and I had since forgotten his name. I would have gone along to the last gig had I remembered.

  3. thecomiccast Says:

    I think I might have stayed for one song and decided one song was enough to hear of Malkmus . . . burn! Ah don’t worry bout missing Jeffrey this time – he’s always popping up in Crawdaddy. I’ve seen him 5 times there. Mental.


  4. WHAT!?! You were at a Malkmus gig and didn’t stay to actually see him play? Heathen!


  5. thecomiccast Says:

    As I said, I recollect I listened to one awful song and THEN left . . . snap! Actually come to think of it there was a Newbridge band playing the Mezz that night so we went to support our own, y’know?


  6. Stephen Mooney Says:

    Another good show, lads. I think the actual pre-written questions are a definite plus. And Jeeezus… forget that myself and Thompson are both called ‘Stephen’. You just call me ‘Mooney’ and he ‘Thompson’. Or ‘Dickhead’.
    And if it helps, I never have any idea which of ye is speaking at any given time, because your voices are eerily similar in tone and inflection.

  7. thecomiccast Says:

    Cheers Thompson!

  8. thecomiccast Says:

    You set it up Luke. We’ll take on Mooney & Thompson at the back of the school for some fisticuffs! (e-mail us any drawings of such a match and we’ll post em’ up here!)

  9. Jessica Says:

    As a Donation Prize to raise money for our documentary film Radio Unnameable we have signed Original Artwork by JEFFREY LEWIS available. Jeff created an animated music video for us about Bob Fass and Radio Unnameable.
    You can get one 8.5×11 Signed Print or a set of Four!


    Watch the Jeff Lewis Radio Unnameable Video

    Thanks and please help us raise money by spreading the word!

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