Of Mice and Men


If there’s one place you can be guaranteed there won’t be any naked pictures of the Taoiseach it’s right here on the Comic Cast.  But what we can guarantee you this week is an absolutely stellar show where we  review Mark Millar’s MARVEL 1985, Rich Koslowski’s Three Fingers, Brian Michael Bendis’ Powers, Geoff Johns’ Superman: Brainiac as well as a hot from the printers review of new Irish comic Mindpuss volume 1 by Ronan Kennedy. If that wasn’t enough we also speak to Bob Byrne about his new webcomic spectacular Spazzmoid and we give our verdict on the companion film to Watchmen – Tales of the Black Freighter as well as a round-up of comics news goings on!

Download Link: The Comic Cast 31/03/09

Show Links:



‘Tales of the Black Freighter’ trailer

‘Where the Wild Things Are’ trailer

‘Broken Sword’ Wii game trailer (with Dave Gibbons art)

The Abyss (new comic from Looseville man Alan Moloney)

‘Nite Owl Dark Roast’ – genius Watchmen merchandise continues

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6 Comments on “Of Mice and Men”

  1. […] did a phone interview with those two lovable little scamps from the ComicCast about the whole thing here. Worth a listen for the brilliant piece of announcing done by Liam when reviewing the new Mindpuss […]

  2. Stephen Mooney Says:

    Bob. PLEASE draw Grotbags from Emu for the Micks blog.
    Another good show guys.

  3. Jesus Liam, did you do that Mindpuss review in your attic while the Nazis were invading?

    Good show guys. That Bob…. he’s so wacky. He’s right though; i can’t stop looking at web stats. I admit it; i have a problem.


  4. thecomiccast Says:

    Thanks lads. The Mindpuss review does sound weird although I can’t pin point exactly why. It must be to do with talking into a mic in a room on my own . . .

    Don’t worry bout the stats obession, Dec. I’m the same. I’m the ‘Dec’ of the ComicCast if you will. A recent genius keyword/phrase that brought someone to this illuminating site is “who washes the watchmen”.

    – Liam

  5. The Abyss Says:

    “who washes the watchmen”

    I can see Dr. Manhattan washing the watchmen, doing a very efficient job but with no real love for the task.

    Great cast this week lads. That comic with Dizzy Walters sounds pimp.

    Oh and the Abyss will be out every two months not every week. Doing anything in print these days is insane, bringing a new one out every week is… actually, I don’t know if there’s a level of insane that would adequately describe that.

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