Heroes: An Interview with Stephen Mooney and Stephen Thompson


 This week the Comic Cast locks heads with not one but two of the top Irish artists working in the comics industry today –  Stephen Mooney, who has worked on CSI, Angel and Doctor Who as well as being the original artist on Freakshow and Stephen Thompson, who has drawn for Star Wars: Republic for Dark Horse Comics, Buckaroo Banzai for Moonstone Books, Beneath the Valley of the Rage for Fangoria Comics, Star Trek: New Frontier for IDW and House Of Ideas for Marvel as well as being the artist on the 2008 political biography Presidential Material: John McCain. Enjoy.

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Show Links:

Stephen Mooneys Official Site

Stephen Mooneys Blog

Stephen Thompsons Blog

Presidential Material: John McCain (although he obviously wasn’t) 

Mooneys Amazon book credentials (Nature’s Services: Societal Dependence On Natural Ecosystems? He’s multi-talented.)

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One Comment on “Heroes: An Interview with Stephen Mooney and Stephen Thompson”

  1. Stephen Mooney Says:

    ‘August 16, 1977 in the bathroom of his Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee, Elvis Presley died’
    So there. Also, I never said Dec was gay(although I more than certainly implied it), I told you to tell your listeners how he was heading over to Tower Records to stalk some lucky lady. To literally watch her from afar.
    We also think Dec is aces. Heck, he’s all of the cards.
    And yeah, turns out Thompson gets pretty chatty once he’s secure in his corporate Americana comfprt zone.
    That was great fun, cheers guys. We’ll hafta do seperate interviews at some point so that myself and Thompson can really bitch about each other.

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