Back to the Dark Ages


So you’re using your children as collateral on the house and the dog has been sent to “the farm” because keeping a pet ain’t cheap. In these dark recession days it’s good to know that one institution won’t cost you a thing – The Comic Cast Est. 2008. Putting your investment with us this week will secure you reviews of Adrian Tomine’s Summer Blonde, Neil Gaimen’s Marvel 1602, Nick Bertozzi’s The Salon as well as his collaboration with Jason Lutes on Houdini: The Handcuff King, Kevin Smith’s Batman Cacophony, Stephan Pastis‘ comic strip Pearls Before Swine and Mark Millar’s Old Man Logan. We’ll also be giving sound advice when it comes to Irish comic From the Pants of Archie Templar. Our credit advisors (us) will also be on hand in this episode offering you advice on what comics would make good Christmas presents. The Comic Cast is regulated by the Irish Financial . . . oh wait. No one regulates us.

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Show Links:

Archie Templar’s Site

Pearls Before Swine comic strip

Free Irish Comic Day Anthology

Fear[s] of the Dark movie trailer

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12 Comments on “Back to the Dark Ages”

  1. Archie is the man.

    By the way lads, for the record, i don’t *hate* zombie comics; i just hate that there’s so many gimmicky zombie comics. Most of them are crap. Saying that, The Walking Dead is fantastic; one of the best comics out there. Raise the Dead was a really good zombie comic too.


  2. thecomiccast Says:

    ‘Hate’ was the exact word you used in your off-the-record conversation with us . . . only kiddin, we love you. The Walking Dead is beast. Outside of the comic world we’re also loving E4’s Big Brother/Zombie mini-series Deat Set (

  3. Yeah, that was great. Written by Charlie Brooker who does Screenwipe. Watch that while yer at it.


  4. jaginguene Says:

    Good one guys! I’m probably gonna embarass myself right now but who does that song at the end? Sounds really familiar…

  5. Stephen Mooney Says:

    Now wait just one second, hold on… ‘The Walking Dead is Beast’. I’m sorry, what? ‘Beast’? What, ‘Awesome’ just doesn’t cut it any more? What the hell does beast mean? I swear, you kids…
    “I used to be with ‘it’, but then they changed what ‘it’ was. Now what I’m with isn’t ‘it’ anymore and what’s ‘it’ seems weird and scary.”

  6. thecomiccast Says:

    The track is from Silent Hill 3. As for “Beast”, Craig likes to come up with his own catchphrases. He also enjoys talking about himself in the third person.

  7. Luke F Says:

    Is Neil Gaiman`s name really pronounced Neil Gay-man?!

  8. thecomiccast Says:

    Yeah it definitely is. I saw it in an FAQ on his site.

  9. Coming up with your own catch-phrases is totally fetch.


  10. goggarvey Says:

    Kirkmans new website is

  11. Andrew Says:

    Great show as always. The best thing on the entire fucking internet. And we’re not even related.

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